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On this page you will find a survey of spiders that are on the Norwegian Red List. These spiders are my own findings. By clicking on the pictures, it will take you to another page where you will find more information about each Red Listed spider.

If you should happen to find a spider that is on this list, you should contact The Norwegian Artsdatabank for registration. You can do that by clicking here. Just remember that many spiders are very similiar and looks almost the same. To tell them apart you can compare them to each other. Try to take a closer look at their color, pattern, the way their legs look like and the shape of the head and body. The color and pattern on each spiders underside is also important in the identifying process, as well as where you found it and which habitat the spiders live in. The more information you find out about your findings, the better.



Philodromus histrio


Philodromus histrio





Mangora acalypha


Mangora acalypha






Dipoena melanogaster


Dipoena melanogaster female


Dipoena melanogaster male






Hyptiotes paradoxus


Hyptiotes paradoxus male



Hyptiotes paradoxus female







Phlegra fasciata


Phlegra fasciata male






Scotophaeus quadripunctatus


Scotophaeus quadripunctatus female





Keijia tincta


Keijia tincta female






Anelosimus vittata


Anelosimus vittatus female





Cheiracanthium oncognathum


Cheiracanthium oncognathum

(Finder: Annie Antonsen)















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