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Norwegian spiders


Ever since I was a little boy, my fascination for spiders has been formidable. I wasn't old before I started collecting loads of these cute little creatures, in big jars. My window sill and shelfs in my bedroom were stacked! When there was no more room, I let them out. Well not outside. I released them inside my bedroom. There they could "establish" themselves on their own terms and do whatever they wanted.

The idea worked perfectly, and a boy with an interest for biology could lay there and study the spiders behaviour close up, -Until my mother started the vacuum cleaner and "destroyed" my bedroom! When that happened, I just started all over again, collecting new "pets".

In all fairness I have to add that my mother never killed the spiders, she always carried them outside and gave them their freedom. She is English and has a totally different attitude when it comes to spiders, unlike most norwegians.

-You should not kill spiders, that means 7 years of bad luck!, she always said. This especially applied for the so called "moneyspiders".., -these spiders are small, dark and shiny and often make their webs inside window sills, or in the ceiling. There are different opinions about the exact specie who has gotten this "nick name", it differs from place to place. It also ment luck when other spiders came inside, even if you didn't make quite as much profit out of it!



My fascination for spiders has lasted all this time. Now as a grown up, I still collect and find new species Many of these you can find here on my site. I work continiously to develop this website and try to get it as userfriendly as possible.

The website can also be used as a "dictionary/helper" in schools and for other educational purposes. Others that might be interested could be people who love nature and wish to satisfy their curiousity. I would like to thank the arachnologists and biologists who has given me useful information and help with identification and biology of many of the spiders on this website.

The site will be updated continuosly and I will add new specimens as often as I can. On the top of the side you will find the information about the last updates.



Here is a list over "Norwegian" spiders I've observed and taken pictures of. Enjoy!





Glenn Halvor Morka
Member of The Norwegian Enthomological Association

(If nothing else mentioned, all the spiders are found in Gjerstad, Aust-Agder, South Norway)





Wolf Spiders

Jumping Spiders

Line Weaving Spiders

Wandering Spiders


Typical Orb Weavers


Comb-footed Spiders


Nursery-web Spiders


Ground Spiders


Funnel-web Weavers


Typical Crab Spiders


Long-jawed Orbweavers


Running Crab Spiders


Hackledmesh Weavers


Buzzing Spiders


Six-eyed Spiders


Foliage Spiders


Pirate Spiders


Cribellate Orb Weavers


Spiny-legged Sac Spiders


Ant-like Sac Spiders


Giant Crab Spiders


Meshweb Weavers


Prowling Spiders


Lesser Cobweb Spiders




(Water spider)





This website also has a spider forum. You are welcome to join.


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Norwegian spider checklist

(With the species expected to occur in Norway)




Swedish spiders. Checklist

Finnish spiders. Checklist





My Norwegian Red List findings





Photos of epigyns and palps

Drawings of epigynes and palps

Edited spine & trichobothria formular table for Linyphiidae

The biology of spiders: The process of moulting

The biology of spiders: Regeneration of lost limbs

The spiders different webs

Photographing the spiders





More about spiders




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-and Magne Farlund and Harald Løvbrekke for assisting help.





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